Domestic Abuse

Take your first step to a better future

Domestic abuse is sadly more common than most people realise and can include threatening behavior, emotional or physical abuse.

If you are the victim of domestic abuse, you’ll need a legal specialist who can act immediately on your behalf.

It’s an area in which we have a strong specialism and a wealth of experience; each member of our team of family lawyers has over a decade of experience in domestic abuse cases and a track record in achieving outcomes which ensure personal safety.

We’re used to dealing with urgent cases and can arrange court orders on the same day if necessary.

Our family team has a close, longstanding relationship with Halifax Women’s Centre, which supports vulnerable women. We’ve been holding regular free legal advice clinics there for many years.

Legal aid is still available for many cases of domestic violence – we’ll be able to quickly assess if you qualify.

Don’t tolerate domestic abuse. Call today - we’re here to make you safe and help you take the first steps to a better life.