Resolve family disputes without going to court

Sorting out family disputes in court can be a long, stressful and expensive process. We can help you resolve matters before things go that far.

Family mediation involves a neutral third person – a mediator – helping you and your partner discuss and agree an outcome to your dispute between yourselves.

Mediation is more flexible and generally less stressful than going to court. It’s also usually quicker and less upsetting for you and your children. Importantly, mediation gives you and your partner (and in some cases your children) the chance to keep control of your own affairs and make decisions that suit your specific needs.

Our family mediators are fully trained to help you make arrangements for:

  • divorce
  • separation
  • childcare
  • money and finances
  • child consultation mediation
  • property

Couples are now legally required to consider mediation before applying to the family court to resolve a dispute about children or finances. This means that before submitting your application, you must attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) to find out about mediation and whether it can help you and your partner sort out arrangements for the future.

In special circumstances - such as where domestic violence is involved - you may not need to attend a MIAM. However, you will be asked to provide the judge with evidence (such as a police report to prove domestic violence has taken place).

Our mediators are trained professionals who can help you and your partner work out an agreement without having to go to court about issues such as arrangements for children, financial arrangements and dividing up property.

Lots of people chose mediation - Suzy is just one of them. Discover why she chose  mediation in this 80 second video from the Family Mediators Association:

Suzy's story

Please click here to arrange mediation with one of our qualified, experienced mediators.


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