Notary Services for Individuals

Whether you’re planning to get married abroad, buy property or live overseas, you’ll need the services of a Notary Public – a legal professional who is authorised to deal with foreign legal documents.

A Notary’s seal and signature is accepted widely throughout the world. It will help confirm the authenticity and legality of any documents you may want to use outside England and Wales.

Our Notary Public, Maureen Cawthorn, confirms legal agreements all around the world. Contact Maureen for:

  • preparing and witnessing powers of attorney for use overseas
  • dealing with documentation relating to buying or selling land and property abroad
  • helping administer your estate while you are abroad, or if you own property abroad
  • authenticating personal documents for immigration or emigration, or for marrying or working abroad
  • arranging for documents to be legalised at foreign embassies, or for foreign documents to be “apostilled” at the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Find out more about our Notary Services in Calderdale and Bradford.