Resolving Disputes for Individuals

If you find yourself in a dispute with your landlord, a neighbour or a business, you’ll want the matter dealt with as quickly, cost-effectively and painlessly as possible.

When it is possible and provides the best option for you, we’ll aim to resolve your dispute without going to court. If your dispute needs to go to court, we’ll be right there with you – taking timely action, handling all the relevant paperwork and guiding you through the process from day one to the final hearing.

Call us today if your dispute involves any of the following:

  • breach of contract
  • professional negligence
  • injunctions
  • trespass nuisance and adverse possession claims
  • boundary disputes
  • building disputes


Latest News

Farewell to Susan Woolford who retires this month

This month we bid a fond farewell to one of our most experienced legal professionals, Susan Woolford, who is retiring after almost four decades of service to the local community. Susan began her life-long career with Wilkinson Woodward as an Assistant...

Possession order to eviction in under nine weeks

According to statistics from the Ministry of Justice , in the spring of 2016 the average time between starting a claim for a possession order and getting the order enforced by the Court bailiff ranged from 40 to 45 weeks.  If you are a...