Accidents in a Public Place

Have you had an accident in a public place? Maybe a trip or fall in the street? A raised or broken paving stone, a pot hole in the road, or a missing grate cover? Has the road/path been repaired badly making it even more dangerous?

The local council or highways authority must  inspect pavements, roads, car parks, public buildings, even play areas and sports fields on a regular basis. This is to ensure for there are no deep potholes, cracks or raised/sunken paving slabs that people could trip or fall over, missing grate covers, dangerous buildings both inside and out, or anything that may cause injury to the public at large. Unfortunately, whilst this is something they must do it is not always something that is done properly, and often not at all.

We specialise in making claims against the local authority and know just what to look for. Speak to a specialist today if you have had an accident in a public place. We can help.

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