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How to protect your property against troublesome tenants

I’ve represented landlords and tenants for over three decades now and I continue to see landlords struggling to remove troublesome tenants from their properties.

Beware of Defective Tenancy Agreements

In some cases defective tenancy agreements lie at the root of the problem. Recently I have seen a tenancy agreement which did not specify the date the tenancy started and one that did not even state the address of the property. Other cases involve failure to deal with the deposit (bond) correctly. Sometimes these problems are due to a lack of awareness. 

On other occasions landlords are tempted to set up a tenancy “on the cheap”, but this can be a false economy if tenants need to be removed and the agreement is not sufficiently clear and unambiguous. Setting off on the right foot with the basics done correctly can make the other end of the process (removal of tenants) much easier.

Check Your Lettings Agent is registered with ARLA

Even using a lettings agent is no guarantee of avoiding problems if tenants need to be removed from your property. If you use an agent, check they are members of the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), whose code of practice covers the correct set up of tenancy agreements.

Wilkinson Woodward’s own letting agency -  Boococks - are members of ARLA and can market your property and find you a tenant.  They will ensure your letting complies with legal requirements and can provide a dedicated administrator for your property through Wilkinson Woodward. Should problems arise, legal advice is readily available for you.  Please call Gina Brown at Boococks on 01422 386379 for more information.

For help setting up a tenancy agreement or for legal representation with a landlord/tenant dispute, contact me at our Halifax office on 01422 339614.


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