Success in the Court of Appeal

We’re delighted to report successful representation of clients in the Court of Appeal this month.

The case concerned the governance of a member’s club : who were the properly elected officials, whether any officials had money from the club in breach of its rules, inspection of club records and whether the Court should order the convening of an annual general meeting.

The case began in early 2010 with Wilkinson Woodward representing the clients throughout most of the original proceedings and the appeal. The opponent’s original claim changed significantly through two amendments and matters were on hold for a year while Police carried out an investigation into the club, concluding that there was no evidence of fraud or theft at the club.

After around a dozen interim hearings, the case came to trial. We fought our way through protracted issues of disclosure, additions of new defendants to the claim and an unusually high number of case management hearings and worked through the significant preparation required for the trial and the Court of Appeal hearing. The opposing party took four issues to the Court of Appeal, the outcome being that only one of those issues succeeded.

Many of the interim hearings in the County Court were dealt with by Jon Dyson and Susan Woolford while, for the later interim hearings, the trial and the hearing in the Court of Appeal we briefed Mr Steven White, Counsel of New Park Court Chambers, Leeds. Read more about this case on their web site.

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