Hebden Bridge Dementia Friendly Awareness Week

We're pleased to be supporting Hebden Bridge's first Dementia Friendly Communities Week. This week long event will be of interest to anyone affected by dementia, or who is working with or caring for someone with dementia.

Organised by Staying Well and Hebden Bridge Community Association, the event runs at Hebden Bridge Town Hall from 30 September to 7 October 2018

Key highlights

Sunday 30 September

Memory Walks for Alzheimers starting from various meetings points and ending up at Hebden Bridge Town Hall

Monday 1st October

A market place event at Hebden Bridge Town Hall with workshops and information, including a presentation by members of our wills and probate team 

Tuesday 2nd October

Dementia Friendly Virtual Dementia Experience at Hebden Bridge Town Hall

Alzheimer's Society training session on Setting up a Dementia Friendly Community

Wednesday 3rd October

A Moment in Time - an afternoon of being in the moment and sharing a range of creative experiences. 

Thursday 4th October

Cafe Culture presents Memory Makers

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