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How much does probate cost?

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We are often asked how much it will cost to deal with the estate of someone who has died. The work required to administer an estate can vary enormously and we therefore will look at each case on an individual basis and provide a quotation based on the amount of work required. Sometimes clients just require a little support and assistance and we are happy to provide that, often at a fixed cost.

Choosing a solicitor to administer an estate

Sometimes people think that, if a will is stored with a solicitor, then that solicitor has to deal with the administration of the estate.  That is not always the case - even if the will actually appoints that firm or a representative of that firm as executors.

It is therefore important that before instructing solicitors - or accepting nominated solicitors as executors - that you check how much you will be charged. Some solicitors will charge both an hourly rate plus a percentage, others just an hourly rate or a percentage, and some may offer a fixed fee.

We pride ourselves on pricing matters in a transparent and fair way. We charge only for the work carried out, often on a fixed fee basis, and do not add a percentage (which can unnecessarily increase the costs, especially where the estate is substantial).

For more information about wills and probate, please contact our specialists in Halifax, Huddersfield or Brighouse.


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