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Meet the dedicated folks from the RSPCA

We’ve been part of our community for over 130 years and are proud to support some very important local charities who work for the communities of Calderdale and Kirklees.

In the run up to Christmas, we’ve decided to devote our blog to highlighting the work of four amazing charities we are proud to support. This week, we're giving a pre-Christmas pat-on-the-back to the Halifax, Huddersfield & District Branch of the RSPCA.

Based on Wade Street in Halifax, the centre’s main aim is to rehabilitate unwanted, abandoned and abused animals and find them loving, permanent homes.

The centre is a self-funding branch of the RSPCA and is responsible for raising money locally to support their animal welfare work. The branch is governed by a group of voluntary trustees and employs around 40 members of staff.

Their team of highly trained staff and volunteers work with a local network of local animal fosterers to care for 1,000 animals every year.

The team work tirelessly to prepare animals for re-homing (including health checks, and behavioural assessments) followed by training and rehabilitation plans to prepare animals for their new permanent homes.

The RSPCA’s expert staff provide on-going guidance and practical advice for pet owners who adopt animals from them, run dog training classes and visit schools, colleges and youth groups to encourage responsible pet ownership.

The Halifax re-homing centre costs in excess of £500,000 to run each year and fundraising is an ongoing challenge. We support the centre by providing expert legal advice at heavily discounted rates.

The RSPCA has 8 charity shops throughout Calderdale and Kirklees as well as a specialist eBay shop where they sell donated goods. Donations from the local community help to ensure the future of the centre, whose fundraising team are always delighted receive donations and hear from new supporters.

Find out more about the Halifax, Huddersfield & District Branch of the RSPCA.