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How do I get from "I do" to "I don't"?


These days, once you’ve met the man/ woman of your dreams, saying “I do” is a remarkably simple process. If the relationship breaks down, for many couples, the prospect of saying “I don’t” is a very daunting prospect.

The first formal stage of many relationship breakdowns is to separate. After this stage, couples either choose mediation or divorce proceedings. Both routes take different approaches and - as a consequence - can have completely different results in terms of stress, expense and outcomes.

Whilst involving the courts is a necessity for some couples, for others, using mediation to agree what will happen to the children, the house and other joint assets can speed up the process and help to minimise the stress and cost of divorce.

Whilst mediation isn’t right for every divorcing couple, it can alleviate a lot of the uncertainty, anxiety and lack of control couples feel when it’s time to formalise the breakdown of their relationship. Mediation is also generally quicker and more cost effective than going to court. Most importantly, mediation allows the couple to make their own decisions on important issues such as children and finances, whereas in court proceedings, these outcomes are determined by a judge.

That’s why we’re backing this week’s Family Mediation Week campaign which aims to raise awareness of mediation as an alternative to court battles for separating couples. 

To find out more about family mediation and whether you might qualify for legal aid funded mediation,  please contact our Family teams in Halifax (01422 339637), Brighouse (01484 710571) or Huddersfield (01484 483800) or email

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