Motoring Offences Pricing

Thank you for looking at our services for motoring offences. Being accused or charged with any motoring offence can be extremely worrying as the penalties involved can be serious, with potential outcomes including fines, disqualification from driving or in some cases imprisonment.  It is therefore important that you obtain professional legal advice to avoid or limit any possible consequences.

We can provide expert advice and representation in relation to the full range of motoring offences, from death by dangerous driving to more common offences such as driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, driving without due care and attention or driving without insurance or a valid licence.  We are also experienced in presenting exceptional hardship and special reasons arguments in court.

For more serious motoring offences legal aid could be available and we would encourage you to contact us straight away so we can assess your eligibility for legal aid.  This section of our website focuses on fixed fees for more minor motoring offences which can only be dealt with in the magistrates’ court and for which legal aid would generally not be available.

Why Us?

We have an experienced team who can assist you at what is likely to be a stressful time for you and your family. We will provide advice on what happens next and represent you at each stage of the process.

You will have the confidence that you are our priority, with our aim being that any member of the team is available to speak with you when you need some clarity and certainty at any stage leading up to, during and after your hearing.

We are proud to hold the Legal Aid Agency’s Specialist Quality Mark and our solicitors are members of the Law Society’s Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme. This involves the firm undergoing a rigorous audit process which ensures we maintain the highest levels of client care.


Our fees for dealing with motoring offences can vary depending on whether the plea is Guilty or Not Guilty and the number of hearings involved.  We will need to obtain all the facts and details of your personal circumstances and will liaise with the Court and the CPS in advance and on the day of any hearing.

Our fees will typically include:

  • Considering evidence
  • Providing advice in relation to your plea and likely sentence
  • Options available in the event that we cannot advise of the likely sentence, i.e. what options the court may consider when sentencing
  • Consideration of whether it would be appropriate to put forward an exceptional hardship or special reasons argument
  • Representation at a single hearing at Bradford or Kirklees Magistrates’ Courts (our local courts)

For the cost of a single hearing at a local magistrates’ court, whether the plea is guilty or not guilty, our fixed fee is £300 plus VAT (£360 in total).  This includes up to two hours attendance, preparation (considering evidence, taking instructions and advising) and representation at a single local magistrates’ court hearing, obtaining witness statements, sourcing expert witnesses or advising on an appeal as appropriate.


Our fees are fixed and include the items detailed above, however there may be factors which would typically increase the cost of the fees involved in your case. Where there is likely to be any additional cost, we will make sure you are informed of this at the earliest opportunity and a clear estimate of those extra costs will be provided.

Factors that may lead to an increase in cost include:

  • Travel to and from magistrates’ courts other than Bradford or Kirklees
  • Representation at a hearing where an exceptional hardship or special reasons argument is made
  • Representation at a trial in the event of a not guilty plea

Time Scales

We are not always able to provide timescales of when your hearing will take place as this will depend on the court fixtures and court listing for any particular day.  We will make every effort to keep you up-to-date on any issues affecting the time it will take to deal with your case.

Key Milestones

There are key milestones, which may vary according to individual circumstances.  They may be as follows:

  • Meeting with your Solicitor to provide instructions
  • Disclosure – where we will consider the initial disclosure provided, with any evidence and provide advice on that basis
  • Where an additional cost has been agreed we will arrange to take witness statements
  • We will go through the court process with you, so you are fully aware of what to expect on the day or your hearing
  • We will discuss the sentencing options available to the court
  • We will undertake any preparatory work within the time frame of the fixed fee and obtain your instructions
  • We will attend court on the day of the hearing and meet you at court in advance of that hearing.
  • We will discuss the outcome of the court hearing with you, next steps and any additional costs.

All of our staff are supervised by our Directors. For more information including details of qualifications and experience of all our staff please visit our profile pages