Personal Injury

If you’ve been made ill or been injured at work or in a public place, seeking compensation could be the last thing on your mind.

While compensation won’t take away your injury, it can help to meet the additional costs you might be incurring such as loss of income, transport costs for hospital appointments, prescriptions and other medical costs. There are hundreds of personal injury lawyers to choose from - here’s why so many people in Calderdale and Kirklees choose us:

We’re an established, trusted legal practice with a proven track record in handling a wide range of injury claims. From illness or injury caused at work to motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence, holiday mishaps, trips in the street and even slips in the supermarket, we’ve dealt with every kind of personal injury case – from minor mishaps to serious accidents.

We’ll take the time to get you the best possible settlement. This means we won’t settle too quickly at the risk of minimising your compensation (unlike accident management companies who tend to have a financial interest in cases being settled quickly).

Call us today and speak to one of our specialists for free initial advice/consultation with no obligation.

PERSONAL INJURY: We work on a No Win No Fee basis and you keep 100% of any compensation awarded (except criminal injury applications). Our dedicated specialists have years of experience in the field of personal injury. They will handle your case personally from start to finish.

ACCIDENTS AT WORK: Have you been involved in an accident at work? Have you been injured using a broken machine that should not have been in use? Or because of a broken guard that should have been replaced? Have you slipped on something that has been spilt and not cleaned up properly, or at all? Have you received inadequate training to do your job properly? Are you expected to lift things that are just far too heavy? Is your personal protective equipment just not up to the job? If the answer is yes to any of these and you have been injured we can help.

Our specialists have  years of  experience in dealing with all types of accident that occur at work whether in a factory, warehouses, offices, construction sites or any other workplace. Even if you are at a customers premises your employer may still be liable if you have an accident.

An accident that is the fault of your employer entitles you to compensation not just for your injuries but also any loss of earnings if you are unable to work as a result of your injuries. Many people are put off making a claim because they are worried about how it may affect their job. Speak to a specialist now to get the advice you need before making the decision about what you should and can do. We specialise in workplace accidents of ALL types.

ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS: Have you been in a motor accident that you feel was not your fault? Whether as a driver or a passenger? Even on public transport? Did the bus driver brake for no reason? Have you been knocked off your bike by another motorist, or hit something in the road that should not have been there? Have you been knocked over as a pedestrian? If you have been involved in any motor accident, even if it was a hit and run incident, our specialists know just what to do.

ACCIDENTS IN A PUBLIC PLACE: Have you had an accident in a public place? Maybe a trip or fall in the street? A raised or broken paving stone, a pot hole in the road, or a missing grate cover? Has the road/path been repaired badly making it even more dangerous?

The local council or highways authority must  inspect pavements, roads, car parks, public buildings, even play areas and sports fields on a regular basis. This is to ensure for there are no deep potholes, cracks or raised/sunken paving slabs that people could trip or fall over, missing grate covers, dangerous buildings both inside and out, or anything that may cause injury to the public at large. Unfortunately, whilst this is something they must do it is not always something that is done properly, and often not at all.

We specialise in making claims against the local authority and know just what to look for. Speak to a specialist today if you have had an accident in a public place. We can help.

ACCIDENTS IN SHOPS/SUPERMARKETS/PRIVATELY OWNED PREMISES: Have you had an accident in a supermarket or a shop? Have you slipped on something on the floor that should not have been there? Tripped over a display or a pile of stock in the aisle? Have you had an accident in their car park? Is it unlit, is the car park in a poor state of repair, even if it was icy or covered in snow and they just never got round to clearing it? Or did they clear it and miss a bit?

Doing something badly is worse than not doing it at all. Speak to one of our team to find out what we can do to help.

HOLIDAY ACCIDENTS: Have you had an accident whilst on holiday, whether in this country or abroad? Was your hotel not up to standard? Was the pool dangerous to use? Did you slip on food in the restaurant or on wet tiles in their bathroom? You may have a claim against your tour operator for failing to use a reputable and safe hotel. Speak to a specialist now to see what we can do to help.

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