Family Matters

We’ll help to ease the burden of relationship breakdowns

Breaking up is an emotional and stressful time for everyone involved. But you can rely on help from us. You’ll get plenty of understanding and support as well as practical help from our Family team.

As members of Resolution, a 6500 strong group of family lawyers who promote a non-confrontational approach to family law issues, we encourage our clients to maintain a constructive dialogue which is critical in cases involving children.  This approach, in our experience, means that matters are resolved quickly, cost effectively and amicably.

We offer a free 30 minute consultation on divorce and related family matters including:

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Latest News

Cohabitants need special financial protection if they split

When the recent case of a widowed cohabitee’s rights to her late partner’s pension made the news, I did wonder whether the decision may have an effect on co-habitation law generally. Rights for cohabitants are limited Cohabitation does not...

Why we are backing Family Mediation Week 2017

23-27 January 2017 is Family Mediation Week. Organised by the Family Mediators Association (FMA), the campaign aims to raise awareness of mediation as an alternative to court battles for separating couples.  Mediation can help you take control of your...